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those dirty doodles

While looking for useless trivia, my blogger hyde search brought up some interesting info written by his Mom ^.~

I took all the dogs but Hyde hiking yesterday and some of the dogs came back with ticks, so i took them to work with me today and gave them flea and tick baths. Hyde was the only one who didnt go hiking cause his foot hurts, but Hyde was sooo dirty. Its so hard for me to keep him clean when his hair is long and curly, especially his legs. So I asked the groomer to shave it all off! She did leave eyebrows and a mustache, left his ears alone except for plucking out hair and trimming the sides, and left the tail. I must say he looks pretty darn cute! Now I can keep him clean and he can sleep on the bed agian.

I'll post some pics in the gallary later tonight.

How does everyone else deal with the dirty doodles? I swear Hyde was the dirtest of my 5 dogs and he has been on home rest for a couple weeks! Its like dirt just attracts to his coat and his coat sucks it in...ewww. Brushing never seems to help except for keeping the coat matt free and nicer looking. He is the only dog i have ever owned that I have had trouble keeping clean.
How do you guys do it?lol

It seems that this hyde is a labradoodle. How fortuitous, my image search brought up a shot of the band
B'ark~en~Ciel =p
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