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times to remember

^_^ Just returned from a very nice Birthday/Anniversary party at dear friend's Dave & Judy's house. Their parties are always so warm, friendly and relaxed events.

We've known them for years - My brothers Doug & Greg grew up being great friends with the "Darling" family (yes.. that is their name! haha) Dave is one of the Darling brothers - and my mother became best friends with his Mom (who sadly has passed away - but she is always close to our hearts)

Judy & I call each other 'sisters' because people think we are.. and hahahhaa Today at the party someone said "I want take your picture Judy with your sister..."

& Oh! someone had their teeeeeny weeeny precious rescued Chihuahua there.. gyaaaaaaa it had it's own little pillow to sit was like too cute.

^^;; In the nick of time, made it to the post office.. I was burning cd-r's for folk and acckk! It's like almost time for the post office to close. I hope my Hydeist friend in Japan likes my package too... I sent her the latest H Potter audio book and "Legend" & "Labyrnth" VHS.. hahah after all it's the least I could do for her sending me Slutty Hyde material so I could give to blufish...
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