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dorks, dogs, demons & dreamers - nepenthes59 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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dorks, dogs, demons & dreamers [Jun. 10th, 2006|08:02 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |productive]

^0^ I spent most of the day with my lovely neighbor- First we went Big Lots - looking for bargains. I was amazed at a high quality carryon wheeled suitcase I got for $20!
Like the small one pictured here -

We went to the Humane Society to pick up Oscar I am thinking they name every daschund they get Oscar Mayer- (Oscar Mayer is a well known hot dog producer here) He was a real wiggle worm and wouldn't sit still on my lap, but he's so adorable~!

I pre-ordered Mika Nakashima's single All Hands together because I thought Leigh would enjoy it ^-^ - I was surprised to find it came with a bracelet (like she is wearing in the picture)
^-^ I also hadn't realized the story surrounding the song going out to the hearts of the people who suffered through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Being rather pms-ey weepy-eyed lately, I found that very touching all hands together - much like December Love Song

^-^ Technicolour hugs and kisses out to moderator Liv from Ark bbs who posted an interesting report of Hyde's 666 secret live from a lucky Hydeist
☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ 

According to her reports, HYDE appeared around 3pm, sit down the stairs near the building which likes like a church.

He was wearing a black hat, sunglasses, grey tank top, beige cargo pants and black boots. The other members were wearing casual clothes like T-shirt and jeans.

Everybody say HYDE is small and skinny, but in her eyes, he looked well build as he had nice muscle at his shoulders. He looked masculine.
And his blood vessels at his neck were amazing. (^^);
He looked the man at his age, and he had the air that makes everyone comfortable.

The song they played-

◇You take pictures too many.
◇Nagasaki? I just arrived now.
◇We practised at the seaside in Wakayama. And we came from Osaka today…here it looks like overseas.
◇How long did it take to solve my secret code? Should I have made it more difficult?
◇What’s Nagasaki's specialty? 角煮饅頭?(A fan explained what it is.) Oh, it sounds delicious. http://0806.jp/kakuni.html
◇There are many slopes in Nagasaki, aren't they? Do you know any nice ones? Fan- we'll show you the one. HYDE- No, it's okay…^^;
◇Fan- Live (生) performance is the best! HYDE- You all like生 dayone. (- you better think about something erotic.)
◇You don’t feel like it but today is 666!

He only said 「ほな!」(‘Bye' in Kyoto dialect.) then left the place.

On the way to the exit, the reporter lost her way and she found a crowd near the small bridge… there, she found HYDE band again!

The band's 2nd performance, they played-

They played beautiful 'PERFECT MOMENT’this time!
◇I went to see Omen the other day, and I saw the code which alphabet replace into numbers. It replaces ‘Bill Gates’ into 666! Are't you scared?
◇The next 666 will be1000 years later. I'll be dead. (laugh) We have to appreciate / do our best each day.
◇Don't you think the cars are pretty (in Tenbosu House)
◇You have countdown event in here right? That presented by TFM… (laugh) Yama chan wants to buy a house around here.
☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ ☆*゜¨゜ 
^-^ Thanks Liv

I just realized Hyde & Mika have the same hairdo ^.~


[User Picture]From: zeli17
2006-06-11 03:32 am (UTC)
I cried when I first heard her version of What a Wonderful World. In fact, I still tear up. :(
(Reply) (Thread)
From: dj_miyihee
2006-06-11 03:45 am (UTC)
I love bargain shopping, and you find the craziest quality things at warehouses. I actually found a black cocktail dress at BJ's once, of all places, and I've worn it to three different interviews with a jacket--college, internship, job--and each time, I've been accepted. good luck comes in inexpensive packages, I guess. :D
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[User Picture]From: aikoaiko
2006-06-12 03:09 am (UTC)
888888888DDDDDDDDDDDDD I have that suitcase 8D 8D 8D!
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[User Picture]From: doap
2006-06-12 12:50 pm (UTC)
that picture of the doggy-sandwich is LOVELY !!
+ doh~ i want Mika's bracelet. maybe i'll order the single, hope there will be a few left at cdjapan. thx for telling *chu*

thank you for posting the report too

C Céline
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: miya_fangirl
2006-06-18 02:06 am (UTC)
You know, I'm seriously thinking about starting to listen to Mika Nakashima. She has an amazing voice, and I hear praises about her songs everywhere **currently listening to all hands together**. SHe has an interesting sound ^_^!

Haha~ Yeah, I'm scared XD

Thank you Liz and Helayne!!
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