nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

How close are your ties on the internet?

Michigan teen flies to Jordan to meet guy shet met on Myspace I wonder what the story is, since the news report is incredibly lacking in any detail - almost looks like it belongs on JapanToday except no small child was murdered

Just today, Kristan was asking me if I had a myspace & we were discussing bogus and Non bogus spaces -

>.< It's been a slow week at work - but a pain free one *yay*
During slow times, I often have a lingering fear that I'm totally forgetting about some detail ^^;;

Leigh's birthday is next week and I've no idea what to do - I suggested he get a new car, but
maybe we're both cheapskates~ ! Lol I still haven't bought a refrigerator yet, so maybe I'll make sure to go out to the fruit market and get some basil so I can make his favorite, pesto. (We do have a refrigerator downstairs, but I threw away so much food recently I'm really hesitant now to buy stuff unless I know I'll use it up right away.) Also, trying to plan a cooked meal for Leigh's schedule is pretty much impossible - *smile*
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