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If only filing was this much fun!!!

Yay! I got a chance to chat with folks I have not in AGES~~
Ger Bear/ Moonsong / Richan~ *smooches* and thanks also to the ever patient..
kyaa we are still trying wrap around the Thought of Yoshiki joining Globe in our heads.. ekekke

and of course - Demonesque who needs to leave that darn podunk town LOL

Late for work today - gosh so darn tired & crampy blah blah.. There is an issue with some co worker..but I haven't asked her about it yet.. it's a personal thing - ^^;; I know it is upsetting & I worry about her. The scenario is our dept. there are 3 of us and as always, we tend to be in groups - (^^;; Leigh just came into see 'who are you talking to now?? *L* )
anywhoo - being only three of us.. we are situated as such so tbat I am sort of by myself - and the other 2 are next to each other. Also - I listen to my Japanese cd's ichi nichi ju.. (ok barely audible..but they are on).. and my coworkers are either talking to each other / or they are playing some game on the computer (I'm the only oddball who watches jrockers .. oh whatever)
So I think I will not even ask about it -.. It sounded like a really painful issue, and well - she is closer to the other co worker & could hardly tell her about it..
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