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Belated Memorial Day wishes

My internet connection was out for a while yesterday, so pardon my belated Holiday wishes -
I'm really hoping that it won't be appropriate to say God Bless Our Troops a year from now ^^;;
- God Speed!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gospel According to Peants ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sally: I would have made a good evangelist. You know that kid who sits behind me at school? I convinced him that my religion is better than his religion.

Linus: How'd you do that?

Sally: I hit him with my lunch box.
Charlie Brown: Nine home runs in a row! Good grief! What can I do. We're getting slaughtered again, Schroeder. . . I don't know what to do. Why do we have to suffer like this?

Schroeder: "Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward."

Charlie Brown: What?

Linus: He's quoting from the Book of Job, Charlie Brown, seventh verse, fifth chapter. Actually, the problem of suffering is a very profound one, and . . .

Lucy: If a person has had bad luck, it's because he's doing something wrong, that's what I always say!

Schroeder: That's what Job's friends told him. But I doubt it. . .

Lucy: What about Job's wife? I don't think she gets enough credit!

Schroeder: I think a person who never suffers, never matures. Suffering is actually very important.

Lucy: Who wants to suffer? Don't be ridiculous!

Schroeder: But pain is a part of life, and. .

Linus: A person who speaks only of the "patience" of Job reveals that he knows very little of the book! Now, the way I see it. . .

Charlie Brown: Good grief! I don't have a ball team. I have a theological seminary
Peanuts quotes from This site

Thanks to Jack for my favorite Patriotic Pup pic XD

Prayers to our friends in Indonesia
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