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everything must go!

I think I could have way too much fun with the Newspaper Clipping Generator

In the back of my mind were thoughts of cleaning up some clutter this weekend - and cleaning out my freezer section was in that list.
I figured it wasn't a good sign yesterday when I went to grab a bag of onion rings for dinner and they weren't frozen, but a wet pile of mush.. and a once frozen un-tomato sauce (a clever beet/veggie sauce like tomato sauce but nightshade free) was making a bright pink stream down my freezer door.

It seems like it's time for a new icebox >.< - but that's good, since this one was impossible to clean as it ended up being too big for our kitchen really, and not even room to open the door wide and pull shelves out. Yay for Leigh who helped me toss all the stuff in the freezer - it was oddly therapeutic.
(While clearing out the freezer I had the TV switched on to Freaky Friday in which they show a performance in the House of blues! >.O! Which one, however, I'm not sure)

Went to my Nieces wedding this morning - and now waiting a few hours for the reception.
It's an absolutely gorgeous day, I'm so happy for them~!

Healing hugs & prayers out to sedefendendo
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