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While reading a friend's comment referencing Perez Hilton - I googled it to find a level of snarkiness that's off the charts - but mostly in the comments. Frodo fags it up Perhaps the stress of daily life is fuel for the incredibly hateful comments that people seem to love to make - but this made me just laugh... albeit on another day it may have made me upset
He's not SEXY for gods sake how can a woman find a man sexy who is like, 5ft 3 and weighs 90 pounds and has the face of a little boy

Speaking of what people consider attractive or not - I found this interesting, and a bit odd
SexyVeg Besides my cluelessness and not being able to recognize most people mentioned on the list - voting for someone as the most sexy just seems a bit antithetical to the whole treehugger idea of promoting veganism - or maybe it's just me. I don't find it troubling, as much as curious.

freespam from Yahoo auction

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