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monday monday

Phew survived another Monday... Yay! I'm trying not to get too worked up over how stressful this week could become ~ as it's fiscal year end .. my one coworker has been sick, the other is going on vacation on Wednesday- So I have images of stupid me being stuck in the dept ALONE AGAIN right before they kick me out..... grumble grumble whine whine
I am still without a job officially - >.< I say screw it - I wanna go to Shibuya live, who wants to join me? ^-^

Ahh well the winmx gods were at least smiling at me today.. I got a rather pristeen copy of "As if in a dream" PV & I've been wanting a good version of that for ages! Dearheart Michelle also let me download Prelude Muncha making video - so.. Domo, I can send you the clip !

Our house looks rather industrial now as Leigh completed the aluminum sheeting 'fence' to keep our dogs from making a racket and chasing the neighbor dogs back & forth.

^0^ YAY Leigh finally turned on the A/C yesterday!! Helayne and the wanwanchans are happy! (Leigh grew up in an attic bedroom were it was probably 105 degrees year round, hot weather doesn't bother him..) Enjoys the coolness... !

Blufish~ ^-^ I got a notice from the post office that they tried to deliver the R+R magazine.. I will go to the post office early tomorrow and try to get it (haha but I always end up playing tag with them).. so you will get it soon.
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