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At work we can borrow library books on inter-loan, and I finally gotten around borrowing Henshall's kanji book - & now I can finally customize this for
writing practice

I've been feeling dizzy and distracted for a few days now - >.< Michigan spring weather is what I blame **ah-choo**
Could be a tad pms-ey as I keep having internal conversations that are quite depressing... so looking for spam is a good
Many hugs to my multilingual pal Eleonora - & please remember the furbies are on patrol. Please check out
the Ark for more of the CD data interview

★Your previous work 666 and your present one FAITH, there's certainly a deep meaning. It was on purpose or by chance?
Hyde: Both. On purpose and by chance. At first it wasn't a goal, but all of a sudden I noticed it. Mah, I guess it's fine. Like black and white. Both way, the point is it's something I like. Something devil, something divine. Anyway 666, it hadn't to do with the music, I chose it as title because I liked the word. So, even this time I thought of doing the same, but nothing came up (laugh), so thinking along with the album contents, FAITH suited both ways.

★Only, for the album, for the view of the world in the lyrics, it feels incredibly compatible, the word FAITH, it's very fitting. In terms of meaning, I think it can be said it's a conceptual album.
Hyde: At the time of the singles there wasn't this awareness, but in terms of album, the first song put in, JESUS CHRIST, had a great influence. This song image was delved in a year, in fact, this very song, its making, it took a lot of time. Since the time of the singles, the idea was already there, but since it wasn't aligned with the singles it felt fine leaving it there for another moment. Anyway, since the idea was that I wanted to perform this song at lives, inevitably it became the core.

★Certainly JESUS CHRIST, while having also a splendid sound, it also have a meaningful lyric, so it's something that touches you inside. It will have an impact even on the listener.
Hyde: Putting spirituality in the lyric, I always had it in mind. When writing, up till now the completion of the lyrics, I thought satisfactory only to have them finished smoothly, so this time it was a challenge of waiting until the soul dwelled the song. If going through the finished lyric as it was, I thought there wasn't a soul, looking throughout the lyric, I waited for the soul to come out. The soul, it's something that will hit hard a person heart. So, while waiting, when something reached me, "I see, this way" and moved. This time, every time it was so. I didn't want to end it readily.

Hyde: Lyrics have power, using it deftly was the most important thing. On the general, for artists, it's something normal, but for me up till now I wasn't aware of this power. Therefore, as reaction, I wanted to make something stronger then people. A better way of saying it it's that even if tastes might be different, lyrics became something to leave in people memories. Since words have that much power, it was the occasion to use it.

★Such a thing will more than resound in the listeners.
Hyde: Yes. It'll leave an image. Definitely it won't flow. Rock, it isn't like that. Quiet music, it's music listened to with the intention of flow, but it's the wrong definition. It's better saying that, that sort of music, it flows smoothly and after I think something like "Aahh, warm". I think that's very important, but this time I chose to do rock, it was my desire to leave like a mark somewhere in the hearts.

★You wished for the lyrics' meaning to be also received clearly, didn't you?
Hyde: I was worried about misunderstandings. For example, in the lyrics, at a first glance there are some that seem wishing for evil intentions, but, it wasn't my wish at all, "how do I make clear my wish?", I wrote with this intention. So, I didn't wish a comprehension based on mistakes. Surely, I think an half of it will be understood. The lyrics, if I had to explain them one by one it won't be cool.
(Ele note: ever read the booklet the Mask and mirror by Loreena Mckennitt, it'll teach something about how cool explanations can be!)
However, wishing a clear understanding, this is something I came to think recently. Only, juts because I wish for a clear understanding, I don't think that I can manage in a great work by writing only good. I think for an artist it's natural expressing by using both good and bad things. If you say just nice things, it's like you wanna appear nice. (laugh)

★The good side and the bad side, the two sides are at the core of humanity, right?
Hyde: Yes. Humans are like that, they have been made like that. Not to mention the fact that rock isn't intended for saying only nice things. Therefore, I thought "I wish them to understand my real intentions", but once it's out of my hands, people will interpret it as they wish. It can't be helped.

★No, but, the album really feels like one thing, I think that it's possible to understand the meaning in the lyrics, since it comes out from the whole. It's an album to be listened on the whole. It makes sense to listen to it as one thing, by extreme we could say it's one song album.
Hyde: I wanted it that way. I wanted all of the tracks to be listened. I wouldn't have liked something to give a break or a song that would be skipped. Therefore, if all the songs weren't good songs then I didn't want to use them. So, to make good songs, in every single one of them I put a soul, every time barely making it. With this method, for me the limit is 10 songs,

★Ah, both in the former work and this one there are 10 beautiful songs, that's why. (laugh) I thought "Is there a meaning even in this aspect? A contrapposition?
Hyde: No, it's just a limit (laugh). Right now the standard is having 11 or 12, isn't it? So, every time I also think it. "maybe it'll be better to add 1 more song". But, it's impossible (laugh). Managing in keeping that emotional strenght for all of them. Maybe, the next time I'd like the challenge, since I like the number 13, I'd like to do my best to reach 13 songs. Only, to add 3 more songs,I'd need 4 more months. (laugh)
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