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Fish tale

Bush: "I Would Say The Best Moment Of All [My Presidency] Was When I Caught A 7.5 Pound Perch In My Lake"...

Of course this could be taken out of context and exploited for the easy laughability factor, but I'll ignore that
left wing bias and laugh anyway. I found the comments rather intriguing too:

President Bush is MENTALLY ILL... this answer demonstrates his complete disconnect from reality.

At least he caught something! We were starting to get the impression, he couldn't catch anything. Just ask Osama.

With one exception, no perch larger than 4 pounds has been caught in the U.S.

4 pounds is unusual.

This is a lake which Bush stocked a few years ago ...
While expecting something really snarky from

Huffpo I found
her commentary quite interesting.

Marketing 666 >.o ! Ann Coulter calling anyone Godless is just.. rich

^-^Thanks to pimpinhyde for the nice letter & Hyde buttons.. I had to laugh because the button package was marked Gackt


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