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Deep Thoughts are in your Destiny('s Child)

Thanks to Eleonora at Ark for another interesting interview. Remember that the Hyde furby attack team is on guard - so no stealing or paraphrasing Eleonora's hard work.

Perhaps it's just me, but I think I'd get a bit insulted by the notion that this type of deep thinking is
unusual.. Considering their line of work, doesn't introspection come with the territory of being an artist?
hrmm - the more I read, the more & more Hyde sounds like a Buddhist to me ^.~

●Oh! JESUS CHRIST. The falsetto part it's beautiful, I thought it was an impressive song. Also, it feels personal, but has also a religious solemnity.
Hyde: In the former tour, I sang having in the back Christ, that time atmosphere felt so good. So, the Christ and rock combination is good, isn't it?. That became the core of it.

●What's the image you have of Christ?
Hyde: In term of design, perfection. He's wonderful.

●Like the cross. Certainly it's very rock like.
Hyde: Even the cross, yes. Even in chruch, every surface/side it's splendid.

●Entering you are watched (laugh)
Hyde: It seems so (laugh).

●Somehow, Christ is a symbol of "love". Even for the album, since love is sung, what sort of love theme is?
Hyde: The feeling is like singing of love from different aspects. It's very difficult to represent it in just one word, but it isn't the love of two people. Not the love of personal level, but a theme with different type of love, with the exception of the private one.

●Even if it's a global current, human desires, wars, nowadays many sad realities are without love. This world situation influenced even the lyrics?
Hyde: Yes. Enormously. Thereupon, I gradually researched thinking of my doubts. So I decided to write them on the base of making them comprehensible, as far as possible .

●By the way, your research, what was about?
Hyde: For example, why people......despite the existence of religion is aimed to live in peace, why wars happen?...........That question or obviously what Christ wanted to express originally, how it is expressed now. Then, though I couldn't make research for all religions, I wondered what sort of things other religions want to express.

●You researched on deep matters!
Hyde: Nowadays people are different, they obviously indulge on desire. Everything is easy isn't it? You can easily obtain everything, which direction it makes you go? I thought a lot about that sort of things.

●The song DOLLY, it also goes into the moral aspect. delving into it.
Hyde: Yes. Deeply -! (laugh)

●Trying to think so deeply, you reached any conclusions inside yourself?
Hyde: Mah, it's obscure/equivocal. Maybe because it's easy. I can't do something if it's too easy.

●Don't feel uneasy (laugh). What sort of things?
Hyde: "Why don't you throw away richness? If you desire money than there'll be war, right?"
"Eh, because of money, it's fine killing people? Let's give it up!". Maybe if it were a friend I could do it, but if it means carrying on the shoulder a country I couldn't..............That sort of things. While being very easy things, they can't be done. If kids in kindergarden have a quarrel you can stop them, right? You can't do that with adults.

●You threw at the world deep things, eh.
Hyde: It's heavy (laugh)

●Speaking of the sound, inside the heavy rock there's the thick nuance of British 80's. This time there's also the partecipation in many songs of KAZ guitar. His taste had an influence?
Hyde: Mah.........I like the music of that period. So, "why not having some nuances of that time after all?" Music of that period had charm. From the start, for us it was the base.

●Come to think on it, in another occasion you said you don't listen to much new music?
Hyde: I don't listen to music.

●As habit?
Hyde: Habitually I don't listen to it at all.

●But speaking of musician, they have an image of being immersed into music.
Hyde: Occasionally while in car I listen to what the manager is listening.

●Eeeh! So, recently everybody has an iPod, don't you have it?
Hyde: I do. I do, but right now there's just FAITH inside (laugh).

●Just that? (laugh). Ah, maybe you are of the kind being negative to technology?
Hyde: No, it's awfully useful! When recording, up till now I had to go back home carrying a pile of MD (Ele note: no idea what MD means). That I hate it.

●Persistently used for work. So, it's not the case that you can simply listen to music you like.
Hyde: Even when I go overseas, I don't like bringing along a pile of CDs. The necessary is in the notebook. Only, if I put them in the iPod, I don't collect/put them in order. Anyway, at the moment there's just 10 songs. (laugh)

●Is that enough? This usefulness? (bitter laugh)
Hyde: When recording, I progressively put in the finished sound. Then, gradually the album was completed, so I deleted all the old sound steps.

●That is you listen over and over again to your current work?
Hyde: I haven't listen to it 3 times yet (laugh). Besides, It's not like I listened to it coming out from clear speaker. But, if I go deeper, I'm worried about faults, so actually I don't listen to it deeply......, I have that stance. During the recording I worried so much about the fine details, but even now it seems rough to my ear.

●So..........after all, even in your place you don't listen to music (laugh)
Hyde: I don't. Since ever, even in my place, I tend not to. Furthermore, recently, not having to go by car..........maybe, in car it's the only case I listen to it. Unless I have to go by car, I don't really listen.When it's my car, I still do it, but when it's the manager picking me up, not at all. (bitter laugh)

●Such a lonely talk. It's a wonder that from such a person come out so many songs.
Hyde: On the general I don't listen to music, but when I go to musical program "Ah, these are the songs in vogue now?" and understand. Even with radio, the amount of information coming from it, I don't like it but on the general I understand it. It's society. I mean to understand the link to a specific hit chart.

●As expected it should be reliable.
Hyde: What I thought it's nice inside it the staff "We'llbuy it", but......eventually I don't listen to it.

●That's no good! (bitter laugh)
Hyde: What I'd like now is Destiny Child (laugh)

●Eeeh? Destiny Child? Why?
Hyde: When in LA I could hear them a lot, in what I heard from overseas radio Destiny Child was the best. Instead, the rock I heard oversea,s it was a complete defeat. "だっせぇ!Old!". My songs rock definitely more. More than rock, Destiny Child were much more better.

●Pop Music, Black Music, certainly it seems America has better potential.
Hyde: Japanese rock is better. I think "Cool!" of the rock passed occasionally in Japan.

●I see. Anyway I've never thought I'd heard the word "Desucha (Destiny Child)" coming from you. (laugh)
Hyde: Maybe it's the first word said in the universe (laugh). There wasn't nobody to say it to. Somwhere it seems like talking, but without the timing to say it (laugh).

●A valuable talk, thank you very much (laugh). But it's surpising you don't listen to music.
Hyde: For me not listening, it's the way I am.
(Ele note: would you ever said it?!)
●Having listened to the album as much as possible, it felt like there are many songs about a supreme love, but in the third track MADE IN HEAVEN, it seemed there was a unique difference. What awareness have you put inside it?
Hyde: In terms of concept, the song was arranged aiming to live, the main image was everybody going wild and naked. Beside it I also poured a religious idea.

Hyde: Because inside me I think there won't be any salvation for this future.

●Eeeeh! What......
Hyde: No, I mean that there won't be any help from God (bitter laugh). Why I think there won't be.........In legend......It must have happened in the past though. That is to say the depravation isn't enough.

●I see.
Hyde: Of course a hero of justice will appear in the moment of highest crisis. So we aren't still in a critic situation ― it's ironic. So if there'll be more depravation we will be saved. (laugh)

●Again deep talk.
Hyde: Deep~ (laugh)

●There are many legend about a saviour, maybe you are a saviour......
Hyde: What you're talking about?! (laugh)

●No, in term of image there are parts devil like, but unexpectedly you sing about world this sense. The power a song brings, whatever it says, it's powerful.
Hyde: Ah, the power of music it's a sharp feeling. Even from fans I receive many of opinion like this, so I can't ignore it.

Hyde then said that the title FAITH has nothing to do with the former album 666.
666 was named like that because it was a word Hyde liked it - in another interview it was said it's a tribute to the movie Omen - since he didn't have such a word for the new album he chose the same word from the song, since it fitted the album feeling.

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