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Too many hugs to count to Eleonora for sharing this
at Ark bbs

No stealing Eleonora's hard work - or the attack furby team will be sent after you~~


Jesus Christ, I composed thinking it was the first lyric I wanted to write. I wanted to depict somehow the contradiction for people that believe in God. But at first "What should I write?", I didn't know it as well. When I had words that contained spirituality, the lyric became this one. Having it as first track of the album was an image present since the beginning. "If I begin with this one, it'd be cool", I kept this image and made it. The last part of the song also feels good. Even when I listened to it, I had goosebumps. About the music, even as a demo it was good, so we made it match with the demo. The piano was KAZ's idea. Since he managed to drive into that phrase, I asked the pianist to played as it were.

The planet itself is going towards the last stair, that countdown has already begun, though, without any doubts, humans are bringing this destruction, there isn't even a will to take some measures, indulging in their desires. The theme is about this. The countdown starts from 13, simply because I like the number 13 (laugh)
(Ele note: thanks Hyde san, that's my day of birth =P). About the sound image, since there was the news of becoming STEALTH theme song, it went towards this. Slowly I wanted to make a heavy song, but at that point I could aim at the image of a war machine flying in the sky, in the end the song changed.

I think it became a song clearly full of cynism in the contents. "Despite the fact that humans existence was made on God figure, why they can do only bad things?". The starting point was this question. If there is a God, omniscent and omnipotent, he wouldn't consent to do such things, would he? If you create something, I think it won't be believable that he would get angry if that existence act violently. For example, If I should make a computer and then there would be problems, I'd think it's my fault, right? To say it's the computer fault would be irrational. Linking to this, I used the words MADE IN HEAVEN. Wanting it to be a song to heat up a live, I made it starting from the guitar rif.
(Ele note: Object aren't people, the example doesn't fit. You can't always choose what to be, but you can always choose how. When you are given the freedom of the choice, the rest is up to you, you can't blame the giver. If humans can't find a better way of living then they don't deserve it. And anyway you can't consider just one side of things. )

I wrote it with a feeling overflowing of love. It felt better to have the lyric in English. Unintenionally, I tend toward that direction, where there's Japanese I did it feeling it was possible. This music is KAZ's. At first it was more illusion/ethereal like. To give it strenght and adding some rhythm, we tried arranging it by adding a different taste. It was a song that I came to like, I wanted a shining song for the live. "I want a song you can partecipate without rest for the drummer."

It's a love song. However, I think the lyric I wrote is different from the typical love song. I can't write a lyric about realistic love. That is, I don't care to write it (気もない). I'm saying this, but maybe for the next album I might use a heart mark. (laugh). This song was also the opening theme of BLOOD+; I did my personal interpretation of the story, I thought about the main character, then I mixed them inside me to have this atmosphere. While doing the melody for the chorus, nannan, the key became higher than I thought, singing it was difficult.

I think that Christ, at the moment of his death, didn't think at all that his will would be the root of evil, giving birth to so many wars. Definitely there's a neat difference between how his will was interpreted at the time and the pure thinking he was harbouring in that moment. This song lyric, I made it starting by trying to put in words his pure feeling. To succeed in writing it, I did research. Not just the surface, but from there researching the negative and positive factions, I built it by judging a truth that in some parts mingles together both point of view. The melody was made by KAZ, the moment I heard it I thought it was complete, I didn't put any idea of mine.

I think that, at the moment, the advance of civilization and science is causing many contradictions, and the clone sheep Dolly was a symbol of it. Since before the case of Dolly, I thought of wanting to have a text, the moment I heard the music, that fact came back to my mind and I gave it form. I don't know whether clonation is right or wrong. But, I think that, if the person you love should die, even if the world is your enemy, it'd be human wanting to bring that person back from death. In this there's the voice of Dolly, finishing I had a scary feeling about it.

This is for me the experience of a moment, like when singing. If compared to that moment, both joy and anguish, lose meaning. Paradise (楽園)discovered in a person life. That's a sort of secret, and I CAN FEEL is a work that depict this theme from different angles. However, maybe it's a spiritual song more than religious. One more thing, about this song. If death should visit me (Ele note: he means if he should die), I don't think there will be anything after. It seems unlikely to me that you go to Paradise if you behave well. Therefore, everybody should live this world with all their might, but if there isn't a Paradise, won't be possible to obtain a Paradise of equal rank in this world? I wanted to express this.
(Ele note: err....Hyde san and with actions of what nature you think you can manage to make a Paradise of earth? ^^;;; )
In a live, among violent songs, when performing this type of song, it feels good, so I did it aiming at that. In the former album, this role was for UNEXPECTED. It felt incredibly good to play in a sweating live house combined with that song's clean and detailed sound, so even this time I thought it'd be good to have such a song.
(Ele note: by CD Data self liner notes, this song demo title was HYDE ONESELF, because he was alone in the studio when making it)

I dont 'think that, while I'm living, the world will reach the kind I wish for, if we were all a bit wiser, it'd be very easy to realize, so I wrote it with this positive feeling that with time it might become so. The will in live to heat up all together, in harmony, and the wish of becoming one thing, I mixed them together. As for the sound, I thought it'd be good having a song where the audience could become as one. It became a song with that sort of energy. At first I didn't mean to include the acoustic guitar, but there weren't songs with acoustic guitar, so I decided to make a try, in a hurry, I acquired an acoustic guitar in LA, put in and since the sound was great, it was satisfied.

Since I wrote to be clear in the meaning, maybe it's fine had it interpreted as it is. To say it in one word, I think it doesn't exist something as cruel and evil as humans. The content of the lyric is the same of the manga Devilman.(Ele note: damn, why he must know all my favorite manga?)
It feels like 2 song in one. the music already had a very catchy chorus (サビ), but thinking it too catchy, I combined it with a wild song. Even for this I thought of wanting a song to heat the live. Since I wanted to conclude with heating up, it became the last.

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