nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

davy crockett...

when I said I wanted a piece of tail.. I didn't mean this stupid hat!

I hope things are ok with my coworker (ackkk soon to be ex! coworker) ...she has been out sick all week. .^^;; prays for her

I swear, for someone who has a job that has been designated non essential... I keep thinking LOL why the hell am I going to work?
and I've been really busy lately..

but that is their problem

It was finally a beautiful day.. not too hot.. and quite breezy...
lalalala a day you could easily get lost in ..

Hugs going out to all that need them / and those who don't

Sophie / Dai2/ Midoro / Chiye
Dirty cooths.. ahh maybe you don't need any hugs, I just wanted to say Dirty cooths...

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