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In search of the world's best humidifier

^-^ While my window of Japanese rock music is pretty darn small - there should be a L'arc en Ciel version of 6 degrees of Separation

3 singles - **chu to Rei & Bluebird for the heads up**
12cm Single + DVD / \1,575(tax in) / XNDC-10207/B
12cm Single / \840(tax in) / XNDC-10208
12cm Single + DVD / \1,575(tax in) / XNDC-10205/B
12cm Single / \840(tax in) / XNDC-10206
12cm Single + DVD / \1,575(tax in) / XNDC-10209/B
12cm Single / \840(tax in) / XNDC-10210

I wonder if Hyde's insane tour schedule is considered extreme by industry standards, or just average - I don't
really follow anyone else's tour career - so I wouldn't know ^^;;

This lovely gift is from the talented & Generous Eleonora at Ark bbs Like many friends I know who are dear and
translate things - it boggles the mind that English is not her mother tongue.

(Questions come from fans)

◆Please tell us a recent illness you had
Hyde: The moment I arrived at LA, I realized I got a cold. I thought "My joints hurt~". The one I got around New Year was the same.

◆The occasion when you feel happy, when is it?
Hyde: When I go to spa, or when eating good things.

◆Please tell us if there's something you wanna realize during this year.
Hyde: ........What I wanna do.........having about a month off, doing things endlesslyダラダラ. Drinking alchol, playing games, reading.....

◆When buying clothes, you are the kind the fall in love at first glance? Or you lost yourself?
Hyde: Isn't it the same? By saying "which one", it might be like falling at first glance. In my case, on the general, I don't have much free time, so if there is something good I buy it on the spot. so there isn't margin for doubts. Whether it suits me or not, it's for later. That's why my place is full of useless things. (bitter laugh)
(Ele note: I remember in a Le Ciel Hyde telling he went buying some clothes for Larc and being a bit annoyed at spending so much. He said that he wanted to look good for Larc, but it was too expensive........Kansai, Kansai!^^)

◆Of the country you went, up till now, which one was most interesting?
Hyde: The one the left me the major impression was Morocco. It was my first time abroad. It was for a Larc shooting, but that time one of the members said "Let's go again!". Thinking on it now, it wasn't a place that felt so much foreigner. Later, wherever I go it seems ordinary.

◆You always sing with an amazing high pitched voice, do you take care daily of your throat?
Hyde: In general, if possible, by not catching cold. Then, when I wash my hands I rinse my throat. Then for the tour the humidifier, which isn't such a rock thing. I drink alchol, smoke. Then, before singing a song I don't have sex.
(Ele note: now, considering his activity since 2003 I think he hadn't been having sex for 3 will explain dirty talks at live =P)

◆Are there times when the tension gets so high it bursts?
Hyde: Not recently. In the past, yes. Like when closing a live final it was violent....., light violence (laugh). Happy violence. Breaking glasses. That kind.

◆Recently did you buy something by impulse?
When I was doing inline-skating I bought shades. It was about 3500 yen (Ele note: in euro it's 24.5 in $ a bit more, very cheap.....)? But it was important, it made me think "It's not like it's poor quality, isn't it!" (laugh).

◆When you wake up in the morning, what's the first thing you do?
Hyde: This question, every time, but what is it you wanna hear me saying? Generally I pee. That's the normal answer, I've never looked at an enquete of people answering in other way.
(Ele note: I can provide a theory, but you won't like it, so I keep it for me)

◆The recording, what word suggest you "pleasure" "harship"?
Hyde: Hardship. No doubts. But, the deep emotion of having completed it, normal people can't probably taste it. Annualy, doing this same work, isn't very commons isn't it? That sort of taste, normal people can't taste. It comes near to freedom/liberation.

◆In LA have you found some funny object? Like a toy or some food.
Hyde: Wanting to do inline skating overseas, I visited several sport article shops, but there wasn't nothing good. In the end I had to make a compromise and buying, then I could slide. In line skating, unexpectedly, it's something I do from the past.

I've learned that it behooves me to check my Yahoo mail bulkmail folder - I used to automatically delete the mail, but I realized it was including some correspondance I wanted.
Tags: creature creature news, oricon style questions from fans, thanks to ark bbs, thanks to eleonora
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