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it seems oddly appropriate that my copy of Faith was delivered to me on Sunday (I didn't realize that USPS delivered on Sunday).

As someone who is incurably smitten, writing my impressions of the new album is probably moot =p

Leigh seemed a little disappointed when I told him I didn't think Hyde wasn't undergoing a religious conversion - of course I wonder if the message of peace & love is totally lost on a good portion of his spoiled brat fanbase (runs & hydes)

A world of thanks to the lovely Eleonora at Ark BBS
for sharing the TFM Interview

●Why do you think it felt so good having Christ in the backstage in the former tour?

Hyde: Maybe, sense of beauty. Rock and religion conbine together, inside me that's the best feeling. To tell the truth, I'd like to shoot a PV in a European church.

●(speaking of the American sound) A dry sound but heavy?

Hyde: Yes. I really like band with a link to heavy sound. But inside me it runs the European blood for the melody. However, though I thought of something like Marylin Manson, it wasn't fully an American sound. I structered it on the dry sound of LA with the influence of European New Wave. It felt the best that way.[...]

●It might be a strange question, but what did you do in LA?

Hyde: (laugh), Actually it was stoic. It didn't change much from doing it in Japan. Waking up in the morning, in the interval I'd do the araangement with KAZ for the next song, it was really stoic. But, in the last part for the TD, since we didn't work only in the evening, we did a bit of shopping, or inline skating.

●Are you good at inline skating?

Hyde: I can lost myself for hours (laugh). After reaching Santa Monica, I really wanna slide, it's awfully good. I do it also alone, but I thought of teaching to KAZ. At first he went "Why not skateboard?". But I said "Inline sakting it's definitely better" (laugh)


Hyde: "At our age, if we do skateboard we might break
some bones" (laugh). After trying few times, he wan really into it (laugh). Once in it, when will go somewhere he would say "We could slide here?" So when we got back in Japan, "Ahh, here we could slide", we only talked about it (laugh).

●That's amazing. I heard that Mick Jagger wherever he goes he always runs 5 km every morning, even you....

Hyde: I can't do that (laugh)

●While doing Larc album AWAKE, your awareness towards music has changed. Even for the tour you thought about a story and concept, that became an anti-war theme. Even this new album has a theme, religion, that could mean "a wish for peace", it seems to me like religion and anti-war go in parallel. In short, it feels like you wanted to hit hard with this time album and concept.

Hyde: Without AWAKE I wouldn't be able to do this new album. Because there was AWAKE, I could explore things in deep. Maybe, if AWAKE were now the next album to do for Larc I wouldn't have gone so deeply. Clearly Larc is a band of 4 people. So, doing something this deeply, it's really impertinent/absurd おこがましい, It might cause angry, I don't like it (Note: not sure 怒られそうで嫌なんです)


Hyde: That's the band (laugh). Among for people charachter there might be also somebody saying "I don't like this religiousness". When you hear something like this, you have to take it into consideration. But the existence of that album (AWAKE), made it possible for me to search deeper.......It's a stair.

●For me religion is having an opinion about life&death and beauty (様式美 don't know if it's exact). Inside you beauty.....for example, since before you were incredibly interested into design and Christ. In addition, this time "What I have to do in my representation?", "How should I represent it?" when thinking these things, I think that by managing not to avoid your opinion on life and death......religion theme became visible. About death and birth, isn't it something you should reach a sensibility for inside?

Hyde: Yeah, that sort of things. For me FROM AWAKE, I noticed the existence of peace and love. While doing this album, actually the deepest part was the existence of love that make possible to cross over/trascend death, being able to welcome it.....that's the most important thing. The religion theme is a deception, the deepest part is this one. So, the times when you accept or not accept death, there's like a contradiction, the world seems small. All things.......even the universe looks small. Love, can make you feel big. Usually when you like somebody you might think that's a small love, but actually your existence is becoming really big.....I noticed this. When doing this album.

●So, was there a feeling that you wanted to settle?

Hyde: To settle, I wanted say my own emotion. There are also situations where "I don't care about such a small thing". But also situations like "If compared to love, money are needless!"

●War and religion are respectively so, but unfortunately, this society is all about money. You reach an opinion about life and death by making money. In this period, I think it's very difficult for something like this to echo inside a heart. Then, while listening to this album I thought that it's incredible what music can do.

Hyde: Yes. Even for me.....though I'm at my 3rd album with solo, with Larc it's 15 years. If there weren't this big current, I won't never be able to make this album. Inside me the end there's this thought of wanting to do works with a meaning.

●Doing this album feel like an achievement?

Hyde: Yes, really. Finally the way I'm going, because I realized the music I can do and could. That is, inside me it was a turning point.

●Did you have this awarness while making it?

Hyde: No, no. Until it was completed I didn't understand it. Only, I wanted to pour everything until I have time.

●After this album?

Hyde: This album maybe will go in a nice place? (laugh). When I was young it felt like "Will I manage to give an impact?", I was obviously uneasy. Right now, I receive love by people that are like kohai (junior person), but inside me I can't help feeling uneasy. Though at great pains I'm on this stage, I really dislike being considered only a person that sing a song.

●I see. Do you think you can change the world with music?

Hyde: What a question! (laugh).....Strictly speaking, I don't think so. But, I think of moving the heart of many people.

●For Hyde what is life/birth?
.......something touching.

●For Hyde, what is solitude?
Maybe people that don't know love

●For Hyde, what is the world?
What's difficult. What's the world?..................I don't know.

Cute bento!

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