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take 2 and call me in the morning

Feeling runover this morning - so I was late coming into the office...
^-^ pain meds are sometimes ineffective

, but Hylenol® always works ^.~...
new album FAITHHHHH

Here's a pronunciation guide for Voiced /ð/

Beware of migraphobia
I found this interesting image at

I went to my local library to see if I could find any good Japanese language books (I was interested in
in borrowing a kanji book listed on Joyo Kanji so I could find the index
#'s for each kanji for making practice sheets - I find it surprising that my library did not have 1 Japanese language
book on the shelves... What's up with that? No dictionary, no kanji guides, nothing - (I suspect that these books are often borrowed and not returned)

*-* Doesn't this zaru-soba lunch look lovely

I'm a big fan of soy lattes, doesn't this look inviting? Non dairy cappucino
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