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queen for a day

Leigh's birthday was on Flag Day.. *Salutes to Leigh* what a guy, he worked at his parents house all day fixing their roof. I baked him a chocolate cake, but ahh that was about it - ..^^;; I ordered some books for him and O.o ! oh no, one of the books he had already!

On Sunday we went to Leigh's brother's house for Father's day celebration. They just moved into this new development- I think it quite looks Like Disneyland. The houses all have a sort of "Americana" look to them I imagine "76 trombones in the Marching band" tune when I was there.

We had a meeting today at work with our union and administration. I did not learn anything that they did not tell me already when I met them personally.. >.<... just strengthens my resolve to stay strong and not be bitchy and whiney - goodness knows, enough people are already filling that position.

^^;; Sniffle I will miss the Blufsih while she is gone - !

HUGS HUGS HUGS to Ri-chan -

Belated Birthday wishes to Ger - ahh still such a whipper snapper!

And what made my week... thanks to the wonderful
Domo/Blufish/Momo WARNING don't look if you don't want to see Hyde porn hahah
Domo Card
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