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faith #2 on Oricon

Files today under Too much Hyde and too little time *laugh* - I was working, but thanks to Liv at Ark for the photos:

Thanks to Larcencielbbs for these photos

Translation from the Lovely Liv - I credit Liv for my Hyde obsession ^^;;
Q1.How will you spend Golden Week?
HYDE: I have no time off!

Q2. What was the best food you had so far on this tour.
HYDE: 酒蒸し & Yamagata’s 芋鍋 was so delicious! And 馬刺!
Q3. Do you have any episode during the recoding in LA?
HYDE: I heard one Thai restaurant's waitress were all beautiful, so we went the restaurant. (lol) They are more looked like Asian, but yes, they were beautiful!

Q4. What do you do during the waiting time? What play were popular among your friend?
HYDE: I'm too busy.
(note - He might say something else but I forgot to write down.)

Q5. What’s in your mind while creating the song “Jesus Christ”?
HYDE: I had some idea of guitar riff from the beginning, and I wanted to play this song to start the live. I moved so much while making too.

Q6. Which you do prefer, cat or dog.
HYDE: I have allergy for cats. (lol) Cats are independent while dogs return rewards to you. Their attitude are like “I cannot live without you.”, so they are so cute.

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