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^-^ Thanks to cutieoverload for that great doggie pic

There may be more Hyde USA tour dates added? Hydeさん,

are you insane?
What kind of crazy schedule is that?
If only Wal-mart would wither & die (yoinked from
nullspace ) Now if only they would sell Hydeist Peace & Love Tshirts at Target ^.~... (Perhaps This should be
added as a Hydeist tour good since fans report he has been licking their fingers at lives..

>.< First day back and as soon I get started into things, I have some disgruntled clients to
deal with. While I understood their frustration, there wasn't anything I could do besides listen sympathetically and act concerned..
ackk which was what I did for the majority of the morning. ^^;; Hope tomorrow goes smoother

*-* Hugs to Vivid for the pics

Go figure - CDJapan has a staff of only 20 people!
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