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Time Bandits

*-* Hugs to our fanfriends at Vivid bbs
I'm starting to wonder if all early Laruku fashion was based on a dare

>.< Argghh My spring break seems to be vanishing right before my eyes,.. how can time be slipping so quickly when I'm not really doing anything? *L*

Sent tickets off to Raul today & I've got new hair~... OK, really just a normal haircut. My hairdresser liked Hyde's razor cut here- but I don't think it would do much for me:

*-* Thanks to the lovely Eleonora who passed along some foodie sites to feed my interest in calorie laden blogs...
(Eleanor's note: "Do read the post about the difference between ice cream and gelato, it made laugh so much!')

The Green tea opera cake (at the top of my entry) is from this blog

A nice French language foodblog

And this one is in Japanese
*=* From Argentina
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