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fingers crossed -

what do you mean I don't look like a tough rocker?

Geez I swear I knew this would happen! lol - I am the only person in the dept. today, not quite an uncommon thing - since there are only 3 of us. >.< but today, there was a big process in computer services that would affect us, so we had to make sure to run our checks early today. Well.. this is not something I do generally, hardly ever have done. My one coworker Elaine does this (In fact, she gets more money then we do - as she is hired to be responsible for this.. and I say Yay her! More money =good! haha) My other coworker is the backup person, and I've just done it rarely. (There are tasks I do too that generally my coworkers never have to deal with)..

well I was thinking crap! My last few weeks at work, go figure I get stuck with this stressful thing, and so worried I will screw up everything!.. All I can say is that My supervisor (not the one who decided my job was the one to go - - the supervisor 'below' him) well we all thought he was worth crap and well I verified that today. >.< I used to obsess thinking I didn't work hard enough and wasn't motivated - but this guy knows crap, couldn't answer - NOT ONE freakin question - and didn't care to. Thank goodness for coworkers that are helpful and bright. Throws the biggest Unseen LJ kiss to Jewell.. It's people like her - really helpful and patient and kind -- that make you always aspire to those qualities.. *chu~~*

I haven't heard yet from Personnel about the Secretary job I applied for but *laugh* I'm sure I got it - On the seniority list I think I'm like #12 or something. I am feeling a lot more encourage/supported by coworkers though - I am hearing again and again "you really got screwed {and I am not talking in the fun sense} more then anyone I've seen here." While it doesn't change things, it is so helpful

So things are looking up YAY

and I've heard wonderful news this week .. does a happy happy dance !!!! YOU GO RI-CHAN!!!!! YAY!!!! Your future looks bright & SUNY!!

*Hopes!* The Computer tech guys said I could keep my computer and take it with me! yay!!!!!!! I hope this is one fact that doesn't change.. geez I got so many freakin files and program downloaded -.- they told me "oh it's not normally the case, but.. you have so much crap on your computer, we really didn't want to deal with it" hahahaha go winmx go! hahaha got the wonderbj Laruku CM file and and "L'arcan" CM file today.. these silly little things, they really make my Day.
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