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Butterflies ~

Butterflies stolen from jmtimages *-* Lovely work, Jack!

Courtesy of Jack & Midori, I found this interesting link while looking for more images to grab ^.~
Hide Vs Koda Kumi..the wonders of Japanese music

Trying to get back into cooking mode after a rough 2005, I am still getting addicted to pretty pretty pretty food bloggies - Please pass some my way if you have a favorite (they don't need to be vegetarian ^.~ ) Sadly, I still hate the healthfood stores I have to $hop at - Thought I'd be adventurous and try a new recipe, so I needed to pick up some faux bak'n for a seitan/soy ham

(which I've not yet tried to make) &.. it's just my luck to get home and realize that the bottle I picked was not only 3 years old - someone had opened it and lifted up the flavor seal. I never thought I needed to unscrew the tops of spice jars to make sure that they were sealed correctly, but >.< snort - I know better now.

Watching bits of this special Global Dimming is pretty bleak ~ but finding good stewarts at the helm ~such a relief =p
I'm the decider and I decide what's best that's right we're doomed

In less world shaking news, my Hyde HOB tickets came **confetti**

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