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tsukareta [Jun. 10th, 2003|11:15 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |shallow sleep]

I'm glad I survived last night (Does stress make cramps and IBS symptoms worse? ahah apparently so - I really wanted to call in Sick this morning but the Personnel director wanted to meet with me.

Ahh I knew what was coming, and darn finally about time. I got my letter of 'termination of position'.. considering my Job ends 6/30 wondered when in the world they would get around to it! haha My options are not really as wide as I thought in the beginning.. it's basically - 1. Take a layoff 2. Apply for the secretary position that is up. I was a grade 7 before in Accounts Payable - and Secretaries are Grade 6. What does that mean? Mostly, that I earn less money - and in my A/P job, we really didn't have people telling us what to do everyday..we just did it.
It should be an interesting ride.. I find it odd that They could take this long to tell me something official, yet this secretary posting went up yesterday and I have a 3 day limit to apply for it.. Oh well...

There is going to be this 'farewell' party luncheon on Thursday for other people in my dept. that are retiring and I decided not to go - Mostly, it's because I refuse to eat the food at this place.. Sorry sorry call me a baby, but I got a salad there once with a piece of RAW BACON (like a whole strip) in it.. It's not the vegan thing as much as that just screams a frightening kitchen scenario. Also, I admit -- I didn't want to really spend the whole afternoon trying to be happy and social with my supervisors who decided to get rid of my job.. am I being immature?

I was just so dog tired, after the meeting w/Personnel I went home at Noon I was just feeling so exhausted. I felt better after sleeping for a bit, and after some pain meds - Ahh I made it to the post office too and mailed off some things.

I went to tutor this evening and that went well. I always try to play games and do fun things with Taka, ... last week I bought some scrabble games and card games to play. His Mom teased me and asked me to become more strict and drill him on these flash cards he has. I did that this week.. I am so proud of Taka san - he's really come so far it's hard to believe. I hope that the games I play are just as helpful, because the flashcards , etc are a bit tedius..