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incompitent or stupid
The latest Tofu bbs entry (see file under *head desk*) reminds me of this:
An agitated adult writes:
I'm Sorry but this whole Hyde concert is just about the sorriest thing I've ever seen. How come if Tofu or who ever booked this at such a small venue for one show in the states didn't do the math or homework and know that there was a much bigger fan base . As Tofu states they know that there is a fan base to support Hyde in a 10,000 plus seat venue.I'm glad I didn't pull such a boneheaded stunt at my work as I'd be at the unemployment office right now collecting my check.A'm I a little discusted you bet because now I have a daughter and niece and some of there friends that are mopping around here like its the end of the world because someone had their head stuffed up their you know what and didn't do there job.

I really shouldn't be putting people to task for being incompetent - as I missed a Support Staff meeting yeterday **file under blissful unawareness**. Gahh I was so darn tired yesterday, I almost missed the morning meeting - where the subject of early buyouts were discussed. >.<

Still feeling tired- as I'm letting some stupid things annoy me - -
My sometimes challenging coworker sent an email out at 3:30 - 1 hour before her 2 week vacation starts.. So one hour before quitting time, I didn't realize this email:
David has a meeting tomorrow starting at 9:00. Are any of you interested in handling registration? Please respond quickly.Thanks ~~ Note ~~ She works directly across from me in earshot - -
15 minutes later, I get this email
I have not gotten a response to my e-mail regarding coverage for registration for David's meeting tomorrow. Any takers? The meeting starts at 9:00. The folder will be in the drawer if no one still does not respond.

Guess who is the sucker who volunteered finally to do it (upon learning about 15 minutes before I am to go home - from her Boss who asked me... =p Oh hush

Hopefully I've sent enough money to finally cover the shipment of The freakin huge Anniv Box"

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