nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

spamus interuptus

*Gasp!* Poor readers of my journal, almost had relief from spam ^.~ as my mouse stopped working...

JRock Spam - with hugs to the generous Matsuchan at Pieces

I went along with my neighbor to the Humane society to pick up Oscar & Gramps 2 lively daschunds who are 3 and 13 yrs old respectively. My neighbor didn't like the names the Humane society gave them, so she asked me to rename them - ^-^ Now they are
Mickey & Mr. Wilson. I would gladly accompany her tomorrow on a doggie transport to Canada, but something tells me I'll be affixed to my computer tomorrow **crosses fingers**.

Hoping that all of you are enjoying a lovely Saturday~~~~
Congrats to graduate faded_poetry & congrats to hkoneko for surviving work & being a proud owner of Sakura drumsticks ^.~..!!
Big hugs out to jinjja
Tags: japan rock, thanks to matsuchan, thanks to pieces bbs
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