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*-* PatiPati May

Out take photos:

((hugs)) to Eleonora & Ark bbs
From here

"First of all look at the pic. On Hyde san arm there's a hawk. The hawk's talons are very sharp. Suddenly it flew through the studio making a great noise. Even its eyes are sharp, it was pretty scary. Nearby there was bird food, but I actually thought "it eats meat (sweat)". However, Hyde san wasn't agitated. "Would you mind having the hawk on your arm?", I asked it recklessly trying not to be too scared, "Fine" he accepted to undertake it. This is the out-take photo. Unfortunatly, since there were many beautiful shoots besides this one, sadly it will go in stock. But even if it's a waste, I'm showing it here."

~~~~~ Hardly surprising, since I believe Hyde was a bird in a previous life ^.~

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