nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Hey! Mr Postman

yummy smells like peaches

ahh I was expecting Hyde Hello cd and I heard the wanwan chans barking like crazy , but heard no knock.. so I go to the window and see the postman driving away.. ahhhhhhhhhh
I run after him in my stocking feet!

OH! those poopieheads at Ki-oon! geez.. what's up with this? "...It will also not play on PC without the internet ID authentication which is only available to residents of Japan"... Well I am able to hear it in my cd player - *YAY HYDE*! congrats on the English.. The other side always makes me think "oh yes, if Nirvana toka. were a Japanese group with good voices they would sound like this!".. Of course there could be comparable American / Western groups with lovely voices, I've just not happened upon them.

Oh woohoo Sony... keep this up NO artist will EVER make it in the USA ... idiots

ahh it seems rather warm today --

and OMGosh! Leigh's birthday is coming up 6/14... LOL we always forget out ages, really.. we do Leigh will be... err.. 48? Leigh never makes a fuss over my birthday which is a good thing.. but .. I am at a loss this year - I always try to get him a cool gift.. Last year I got a new big screen TV and dvd player (oh yes I am ratted out, I enjoy these things too) I wish I knew what to do..
Maybe Leigh would just like me to stop being so whiney lately *chu* to Leigh.. he is spending all day today working on his parents roof..
*throws kisses to Leigh and hopes he continues to put up with me.. ^.~ *
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