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The other side please ignore

>.<" trying to survive this crappy month from hell.. It's been getting worse then I thought.. Especially today ackkkkkkkk.... Ok OK so I work at a place for some 25 years.. and I get the royal ... F off.. >.< !!!!!!!! oh! but what is this? I learn there was a NEW position posted in the Bilingual Education dept (Crap...err this just happens to be the area where I VOLUNTEER .. .where I actually have some freakin interest and skill) but Ooohh NOO! lousy crappy union.. OH no it's not a "new" position.. oh well this crappy detail would just be I spare you..but DAMN I'm really annoyed.. I was not even aware that this was happening.. that they created a new 'job'... and usually it would have to be put out for people to apply for.. screw them all I swear I am so wanting to just leave... It is not just me - lots of other people are being jerked around... On a nice note... one dept . head came and said he wanted me to apply for a position opening up.. and gaa I'm thinking.. ackk! Like I have some frickin choice? geez I'm glad 25 years of service gave me jack shit.. I'm the only one to have worked SO long.. to get this kick in the butt... I'm sorry but.. I just feel totally.......... Oh wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The answer... thank you blufish... " just overdose on hyde XD " hahha yes! ahh and I have had lovely chats with Midori & Dai2die ^-^ and a some short words with Meela too! *Snap out of it* ahhh I will try
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