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Peachy..just peachy

so you're saying nobody will notice if I use this twine stuff on my solo CD album cover?

^_______________^ HUGS HUGS TO Blufish
Waiii She made me a new icon! *chu*
*tears up*

^-^ It sounds like Akon went well.. and oh no! It sounds like another pick up Midori 24/7 fest!! *~~~LJ EDIT NOTE* LOL That should read another Pick ON Midori fest

Dai2Die's cosplay pics are amazing! (but so is she) Dia2die And.. It sounds like Reiko survived as well..^-^

It's been a crappy few days..but ^-^ ahahha this was funny.. I see the "hyde" light on so I am able to ROM in chat (lurker only)

> HYDEさんのにおいしりたーい!!←変態 爆。 (03/06/03 11:51)
HYDE > 俺はぴーちな感じかな (03/06/03 11:51)
key > ぴーちー(叫) (03/06/03 11:51)
MANATSU > ははは!ももたろう! (03/06/03 11:51)
HYDE > 大丈夫だよ。けい (03/06/03 11:51)
野空吏 > を!!!ぴぃち☆まぁなんてキューティーな☆愛>hydeさん (03/06

and *lol* God love ☆希良☆ for telling Hyde san she wanted to know what he smelled like... ahha
"Peachey" is a pretty funny response though... anyway - I was having a really tough day(s) and it made me laugh

ooooooh Helayne bad! I played hookey today.. well kinda. I woke up with a sinus earache headache.. they are annoying because..well they make me dizzy. I just thought a little bit of extra sleep and I'll go to work. I called my coworker to say, and learned she was going to be leaving soon, and my other coworker was off too. Normally, this would be call for me to really make an effort and go to work as soon as I could. I just couldn't find the motivation --

I've been in really crappy spirits lately - so pardon me..
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