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^-^ Thanks to CuteOverload for Pup in a cup

ahh seriously, Gummy Hyde candies - how fun is that? (I'm sure they won't be vegetarian friendly, but that's besides the point)
Vitamin fortified chewies in the shape of Hyde's face.. but no peach flavor? XD
> HYDEさんのにおいしりたーい!!←変態 爆。 (03/06/03 11:51)
HYDE > 俺はぴーちな感じかな (03/06/03 11:51)
Hydeist1 > ぴーちー(叫) (03/06/03 11:51)
Hydeist2 > ははは!ももたろう! (03/06/03 11:51)
HYDE > 大丈夫だよ。けい (03/06/03 11:51)
Hydeist 3 > を!!!ぴぃち☆まぁなんてキューティーな☆愛>hydeさん (03/06

trying to juxtapose that with the same artist who has this as his CD Cover

Yesterday was a great chance to see my brother Greg who was in town from San Diego on Business. Hoping to meet up at dinner tonight too. Funny, months can go by without our family all being together, but then when it happens it has the feeling of every day.

((hugs to hyde_zhuzhu's photobook for the random spam today))
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