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For Purgatory, Press 1

I've yet to keep one, but I find myself not being able to resist these cute bears the Post office sells - My neighbor was forced into an early retirement when he was riding his motorcycle and was struck by a tire (whlle going 70 mph) - so we're all happy he's still around & the bear brought him to mind.. (Pssst Laura, sent out your package today.)

What can be cooler then texting a prayerful thought, or paging a wish? Prayers and Pagers This handsome fellow is someone I knew just briefly through work - I like the website and hope they find tons of inspiration and love.. (See Sign the Guestbook for Prayers-pager project)

^-^ Anyone know where I can get a copy of the English manual for the Canon Wordtank IDF 3000 ???

^-^ Thanks to Angel.da & Christina for the pic Speaking of Christina - here is a cavy version from cutieoverload

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