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Domoto Bros: Gackt+ELT The file says incomplete, but I think it's almost the entire show (about 24 minutes)

Baten_Kaitos >.< not til after I uploaded the file did I realize it was a short preview ad for gamecube (Hyde-Shining Over You)

Spirit Dreams Inside

A big kudos to the enchanting Schmoo and her beautiful vegan friendly lunch blog.
Best Foodblogger I keep thinking I want to get one of those laptop lunch kits. I'm finding food blogs quite the inspiration, and I can draw parallels between my experience with interest in animal rights/vegetarianism & Japanese contemporary music. There always seems to be a few people who take pictures of their food when, frankly, it would be best if they didn't. Perhaps they are related to the people who post really terrible fiction & icons XD

I also felt a very similar vibe existing in these groups. When I became a vegetarian in the 80's, nobody in my family was one, nobody I knew in my life had that diet, so I was pretty clueless about how to approach it.(I remember using the Scarsdale vegetarian diet to start for some odd reason) Vegetarian cookbooks were loaded with dairy products at that time - and quite possibly fish. Some young vegetarians did not believe me when I told them that the local veg restaurants always had some fish special & it was included in books like Moosewood. ~~ When I went to my first vegetarian conference in 96, a lot of the people there were young, angry, vegan and confrontational. So the newbie vegan would get pummelled by the wirey little anarchist sitting next to them for an admission of eating dairy, or gasp like, zomg you don't know who hide is? You moron... (OK I jest)

>.o I rarely use my cuisenart food processor and when I do it's a pain. I'm thinking of buying a
Have any of you used one? Is it easy to use?

Because I enjoy her quotes and illus so much, I started to poke about the other sites that Liad has made
What Color is your inner butterfly? What's Not to Love? A clever quote - technicolor Hydeさん..

**note to self** do not attempt to pacify German Shepherds who are freakin out in a thunderstorm - once they have your attn it's play, play, play, slober, play**

Images yoinked from the lovely sanami

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