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for an extra 2000 yen an hour Sakura is part of the bj wonder super combo

It is a humid, foggy muggy day - and I felt rather listless at work all day -.-

I was so happy to be able to chat with the lovely Midori before she left for Akon! (/^-^\) It felt like nice to have some quick little chat with Priss.. She's always such a bright spirit, even if she is down - Sure hope she and everyone is having a great time in Texas.

Ahh got my lazybutt to the post office yesterday and mailed of my packages to Ri/Domo/Ayumi/Kristen/Mcv/bfish err I think that was everyone lol..

>.< I missed it! Of course I look into Hydeist chat yesterday when they are yacking about ウミウシ (sea urchins) so nooooo I can't go in when it turns into Hentai Heya and as people are yacking about Gackt and his physical attributes *cough*.. Hyde enters the chat.. So- the burning question for everyone, how much money would you pay to spend a night with him? Hrmm Dear Liv chan- doesn't like ecchi chat and thinks this is due to money trouble. 何故身を売るんだぁーhyさん>_<; 金、金、言うhyさんは嫌いだぁ><

I highly doubt that - but I think Hyde might have just seen all that hentai banter and couldn't resist. ... and what? the more the merrier ? 3some daijoubu ?

This could really be a money making venture for him - maybe Megumi even put him up to it.. ahh *laugh* I can see her saying . . Go on- we need the cash - see how much you can make on the open market. (Apologies to Megumi)

Hrmm they haven't opened the livecam section of Hydeist yet.. woot woot! maybe it will be pay per view.. *just think of the next offkai*

LJ Edit -~~~ ahh Liv chan gave me more details on her thinking:
"I don't mind H chat. Just I don't like to hear hyde talking about money! He didn't really care about money before, did he? ...ahhh...." (I agree.. Hyde as manwhore= funny Hyde as money obsessed = not so endearing)

Apologies for stupid banter above..
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