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Kudos to Melian for making it in the top 50 ~! I've not seen brokeback mountain (In the trailers, Heath's mumbling drove me a bit crazy - so I've been hesitant) but this is an awesome job

with or without you

^-^ fufufu This still stands as my favorite -
BSB I want it that way

gahh I'm in such a fog - literally. This spring weather is making it hard for me to breathe. I find that I do this a lot - I go to take a medication (like a sinus tablet) & just moments after taking it will wonder if I had taken it or just imagined that.. >.o

^-^ I finally got around to ordering David Sylvian Cd's~ ... I also ordered the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack because it has YoYo Ma & Itzhak Perlman on it - Color me a little miffed that I finally want a CD made here, and none of the stores I went to had it =p

^-^ Happy Purim

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