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what a small virtual world [Sep. 4th, 2002|12:17 am]
[Current Mood |surprisedsurprised]
[Current Music |good morning hide]

*CLAPS* Livchan got her Hydeist ID.. and I met her in Hydeist chat.. ^_^ and kyaaaaa I met a gal who talked with Hyde during a chat meeting. .. but she said it was just.. well chat *L* She just talked about things like where they lived.. and if he had eaten some type of Taiwan dumplings yet. I laughed - she said well 5 vs Hyde.. not enough time. *snicker* .. that sounded funny

Oh and any of you IF Any of you read this..

Auwon & her family a thought in your prayers... ^^;; best wishes to her family & her mom (HUGS)

and don't be surprised.. If I keep posting this pic over & over again ( OR LOL..maybe someone can teach me that html thingy)

I hope I am more energetic tomorrow - I felt bad that I cancelled my Tutoring lesson with Takahiro - but.. I was too..out of sorts & crampy. blah!!!
oh well.. tomorrow is another day.. and my troubles are silly.. scampers off