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Prelude ~

Went to the post office early to pick up my package from Japan - >.<
The left a slip yesterday that said "You can pick up your package at the post office after 10am" So of course, I rush out to get there and was informed "Oh, the carrier took the package with her to redeliver - I don't know why she wrote this then"
^-^ ... but I got the package today finally... and just finished watching the Prelude-Moonchild making video - and it came with a script too! LOL I really want to see the movie now ~ They ended the making clip with HydexGackt (haha that's how it's written on the video cover) singing. I wish they had more of that, I thought they sounded pretty good.

Leigh and I had a nice meal with Wendy & John. How sweet of her.. she made us Ma Po Tofu, Home style Tofu & Lo Mein.. Her daughter Wei La (spelling?) is such a clever and precocious sprite -- I can see why she has her parents wrapped around her finger!lol..but she is very sweet..
They wanted to chat with us about their interest in purchasing a commercial building for her business (Automotive and Industrial supply parts for local vendors manufactured in High Tech plants in China) - Leigh has personal experience with purchase a commercial facility.. ^-^ I think he offered a lot of helpful advice.
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