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...snails & puppy dog's tails (and OK maybe some eyeliner)

I've been thinking and praying for my coworker most of the day - please keep her & her family in your thoughts as her husband goes into hospice - I'm pretty fortunate at work to be able to donate Vacation Days to fellow employees when they need time (So they don't go off of payroll) I wish I could do more ~

I'm thankful to be suffering less from crazy mood swings (more sleep and eliminating junk food eating seems to have helped a LOT) - but the past few days I feel like I'm need to be cautious about making too many sarcastic comments - I thought I was feeling pretty mellow until I found myself screaming at my dogs - (OK OK in my defense I was screaming for them to come inside from the pouring rain and to stop chasing the neighbor's dogs in the mud..>.< ) ahh ever have a snark attack sneak upon you unexpectedly?

Vivid Colours - Another Version PV

What's In scans that I could manage without ripping the book apart..


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