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Feed the homeless rockstars...

Sending a kiss towards sedefendendo & anyone else who wants one~~ ^^

In an odd stroke of luck, the USPS delivery fellow came by just as I was about to leave for the post office. By the looks of the photos in the WhatsIn special, I think I can qualify to be on the photography staff *snort* oh it's artsy, OK never mind At least we can buy this magazine without having to go into the Adult section of the bookstore =p well any publicity is good publicity

I'm not certain - since Whats In didn't list any details on the photos - but I think Hyde painted this

All this filesharing, bootlegging - it leads to ruin, ruin I say! Poor Hyde, he's purtnear HOMELESS!
(just kidding, of course)

I wonder if I need to update my lj info with the note that I don't understand Spanish *smile*
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