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time on my hands... OK so maybe 15 minutes

^-^ Kisses to youyou bbs for another Whats_InX image

>.< I guess it's not quite the same as following the Oricon ranking charts, is it? Bush & declining approval rating ::Dies:: For a moment I thought the URL read GacktJob

Still rooting around hidden files - This image is from the lovely wz_hyde

ha! Please pardon me as a slow day gave me too much time to root around dusty files on my PC.. Thanks to the wonderful Liv who created this funny collage

hkoneko - did you send me an IM yesterday? Last nite as I was turning off my computer, I saw an IM that started with some comment about Brazil playing soccer - but I didn't recognize the Handle name.. If it was you, gomen! Never mind, It was Barcelona Spain & Soccer as it appeared again when I signed onto GAIM never mind *L*
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