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getting lost in the nether regions of youtube [Mar. 6th, 2006|10:24 pm]
[Tags|, ]

It started simple enough - I was curious if there was a live Laruku performance of Loverboy on Youtube - and the 80's Canadian band popped up - which had me seeing what other chestnuts I could find

Wang Chung
Corey Hart
Bowie&Cher ← ← ← ♪♪♪ a riot~!

It's probably a good thing that our work internet blocker appears to prevent using the Search function on Youtube.. it's just too tempting. XD I'm also getting a bit used to not having any messenger working - still debating whether I should install it or not once my computer is returned.

Hugs & Kisses to the ever-generous friends at Vivid bbs


[User Picture]From: chibimerrick
2006-03-07 11:41 pm (UTC)
ah, Corey Hart! and that's the song I like the most! The only one I know in fact :P It's so good ^^
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