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button up & fly right [May. 22nd, 2003|01:16 am]

Erff! I woke up at 8:00 this morning >.<... lol!! that's usually when I'm about ready to leave for work. Ok OK don't ask me why it's almost 1 am and I'm still up.

^-^ Yay! It sounds like Sophie, Tim, Duel Jewel and the usual gang of suspects survived Acen. I really was hoping that Michelle & Sophie could meet - they have a lot in common, just distance makes them different! ~~~ and to Richan~~~ ^-^ we are still talking about how great you are.. so, please don't feel so bad about your plans to meet up in NY not working out.

ahh ... I felt like such a cranky pants today! I think it was little sleep. ahh I swear people were annoying me more then usual.. Like snarky little whiny brats taking swipes at my friends online.. >.< and Sophie? Geez - your reference couldn't have been more obscure ( at least to me) but she went ahead and blew her cover~! go figure Thanks to friends Katie/BluFish/Michelle/Domo ... ^-^ who talked to me into a better mood ~~

^_______^ waku waku~! My dear friend Hazuki san ... sent me the Muncha making video and a manga the other day.. *dashes out to buy a pile of blank vhs tapes to copy..*

Oh that was enough muttering wasn't it?
New Laruku single?? Wonders wonders.. is it true? http://www.visualshop.com.tw/music_index.htm

[User Picture]From: agitatorswaltz
2003-05-22 05:37 pm (UTC)


You'd know what would be funny.. XD
If they we're coming out with something, and really called it "Untitled". XD

I.. I don't know where that one came from.. ^^;;
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