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Glad today is Friday ~! Hoping desperately that my good mood holds and allows me to be productive at home. I had so many dark feeling months last year that slipped by me -

I was looking for rollerblading pics (oh hush!) and came across these (the less we discuss famous people's hangouts & habits the better, I say..for safety sake)

I am finding that the looser my grasp on what I want (or more able to go with the flow) the less disappointed/frustrated I end up. Yesterday, probably in an attempt to dodge the task of tidying up I made a Sunday type dinner - Baked some wholewheat, walnut & Cherry bread, made Seitan with Sauce, Stuffed baked potatos & sweet potatoes. Only one flaw in my plan, poor Leigh had a Drive thru eating schedule. I was glad I actually did something productive with my day off though - & Leigh seemed to enjoy it, even if he had precious little time to eat it.

Please send a kind thought towards my dear coworker, ... some serious health issues surrounding her husband don't sound promising...but she gained a Grandson last nite ^0^ ~~ Sends her an unseen virtual kiss ~~

Things yoinked from the resourceful scottobear

While I'd be hesitant to actually use it, this seems like a very clever idea for toilet training..

& hopefully this won't come preloaded with a ebil IE virus - I may prefer Mozilla over IE but I'll fill out a survey to get some free USB storage =p

I found this a bit surreal on the bbc site - cut out your own Oscar party masks. Perhaps it would be less chilling if they left the eyes in..

Oscar party pack
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