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I was set to go see a homeopathic Dr. with a friend today, but Michigan weather had other plans. Freezing rain, sleet, snow... Ha! OK so call me a wimp~, but the news showed everybody chiseling the ice off their car >.<

It was the nonstop talk about 9/11 & Osama Bin Laden that I blame for my silly state of fangirlishness (quoting self a few weeks after 9/11 "If NPR plays ONE MORE story about anthrax or Osama Bin Laden, it's OFF with the radio">...) Recently, I happened to listen to the Progressive Left talk radio when I scanned upon it in my car. Frankly, I found the experience rather disheartening.. The lefty antidote to Rusch Limbaugh sounds just as annoying from the sampling I took. The recent scuttlebutt about the Dubai Port deal just had my heart sinking, as now I can hear all type of uneducated anti Arab comments coming from the right AND the left.. >.< I don't see that as much progress..
Perhaps being a silly overthehillfangirl isn't so bad after all ^^;;

I often am mislead by people using icon that another person I know uses.. Similarly, I am sometimes thrown off by people who have handlenames that are almost identical to someone else. I was searching for something in youtube and I came across another nepenthes 5555! Silly me, at first I thought, That's odd, I don't remember uploading that video

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