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typhoid mary

I love guineas, so I had to steal share

I feel like typhoid Mary of the computer world, as I'm now on loaner #2 in less then a 2 week span at work - and not 1/2 hour after the tech fellow was at my desk did I discover my computer was still not hooked up til the network.. Doh! What made me feel worse, was that shortly after using a coworker's computer to access e-mail, she was unable to get her sign in to work properly hides.. I expect this to pop up on my screen soon =p

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble getting to yahoo mail?

From what I could tell, the Nana DVD I pre-ordered didn't include English subtitles, so I cancelled it. Does anyone know if there will be a subtitled version?

^-^ How cool is this? Yoinked from the intrepid
oneeyedcat Nas did an awesome job IMO

Tags: guineas, killbill, thanks to cuteoverload
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