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Closing ceremonies

A roaring round of applause for the generous Matsuchan at Pieces

I was watching the closing ceremonies for the Olympics - I found the dancing tarot cards interesting & I knew nothing about their history. The commentator mentioned that in the 15th century, travelers would consult tarot to see whether or not they should cross the Alps. I still remember how odd it felt to be watching the 1980 Olympics (I was on a ship going from Sweden to Finland at the time) because it was being boycotted that year by the U.S.A. The boycott was because the games were in USSR & they had invaded Afghanistan - (to which the CIA trained Afghans to fight the Soviets - oh well, what goes around comes around)

^-^ I was actually at home when the Post office delivered my Season's call CD -
I wasn't quite sure I liked Unexpected at first, but I enjoyed it once I had a chance to actually sit down and listen to it.

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