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Name that tune

^-^ Omedetou Hyde-san for being #1 on the Oricon chart & winning with your friendly rivalry
with the lovely Mika Nakashima.

How neat is this promotional gift? Finally one can get away with uttering Hot & はいどさん in the same sentence without
feeling the wrath of elitists ^.~
**pokes Mr. Mumbles awake**

Oricon Hyde interview... Zzzzzzzzz

Thanks to ghostalive at youyoubbs for the Oricon interview caps ^_^

Leigh & I were watching women's Olympic figure skating last night, and while Miki Ando was skating, he kept saying that the song she was skating to was a Hyde song. I didn't think so, but I had heard the song before - Now I'm thinking it might have been a David Sylvian tune but I'm not sure. Anyone watch it have any ideas?
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