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Vivir el Momento

Please give a listen to Cristal Marie. - Her good friend Raul tells me that in addition to writing her own music, she can sing in 6 languages! Check out her latest Single at her homepage (I can see Raul's influence on Cristal, as her homepage says: "Influences ...Camui Gackt, L'arc en Ciel ^0^

Just yesterday I was at a staff meeting where we talked about becoming ISO compliant & security measures at work. We provide a lot of people with internet service, so there is a lot of internet policing/prevention to do. While they mentioned the importance of privacy / identify theft and Spybots, not once did they mention not using IE. I was going to ask why they didn't mention it, but I didn't bother as I was fighting to stay alert... but it seemed like they were missing a big part of the problem.

and while the condition of the Wheezer is up in the air, I had been going thru the process of copying files to disc so I could start deleting/tidying up because it seemed prudent. ahh memories - these were pics from early in the hunt for Muncha pics.

^-^ Thanks to Natalie & Melanie, I was able to make a charitable donation and get a super gift for my friend Hazuki - Signed by the entire cast~! My only dilemma, which one to send her?


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