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make a run for the border

^-^ The doggies went to work with Leigh today- ... poor things were stuck with me at home yesterday because it was raining - they really miss their routine of barking at squirrels and UPS trucks when they go with Leigh to work. (Leigh takes them almost everyday, only inclement weather forbids it)

Speaking of UPS - SANKYUUU Katie!!!!! *chu* I got your package today.. such a sweet & lovely surprise - It's been a week for s.o.a.p. packages ! Earlier I rec'd a copy of s.o.a.p.'s gimme a guitar, and today Katie's wonderful gift of handmade VEGETARIAN *yay!* soap.

Today was another vacation day, so I decided to go to Windsor, Ontario (about 15 min away)and try to find some jeans for Leigh. >.<... I had heard the border people were going to start to crack down because Canada is relaxing their laws on marijuanna possession - in other words - they will decriminalize it if you have a small amount. I don't believe this has happened yet, but man oh man.. the border people were rather cranky and asking me a hundred questions - Even the Canadians, which tend to be more relaxed. Oh well - I found jeans for Leigh so I was happy.

^-^ Glad to read in Midori's lj that Sophie & crew arrived safe & sound in Chicago for Anime Central -- I hope my friend Michelle arrives safely there too-

I can't wait to talk to Liv about her time in Japan - - How sweet of her to take the time to post live reports during her visit. Go figure that Ken would comment during bubblefest

Is there someone who masturbates imagining member of SOAP?
Who masturbates imagining Ein?
Who masturbates imagining sakura?
Who masturbates imagining ken?

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