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^-^ Kisskiss to Eleonora & Ark bbs for the heads up

We have quite a few Thai restaurants here, but some of them can really tear up my stomach (too greasy perhaps?) Quite a few of the restaurants here are run by Hmong families - ^-^
**ahhh visions of Deep fried Tofu & Peanut sauce.. yummm!**

I am trying to maintain a better eating regimin - as I fell into some bad habits of eating poorly or not eating at all because of the pain. While I'm doing much better, it's still difficult trying to keep up with Leigh's schedule.. most days he either has 5 minutes to eat, or he can't eat until 9 or 10. Leigh can eat a big meal then go right to sleep, but I can't.

I hope I can maintain the habit of not snacking on junk I think the elimination of that in my diet has helped me immensely.

O.o Walking up the driveway I managed to gracefully slip on the ice and land on my side & hit my head on the gutter spout. I was tempted to just sit there and pout, but I talked myself out of that. Thank goodness nothing hurts too much today, my brain is mooshy enough as it is.

Anyone know if it's possible to play VOB files on a computer without a DVD Drive? I tried by DivX player but it didn't seem to like it - (of course I should wait til I get home anyway.. ) LJ EDIT ^_^ Thanks to chibimerrick's suggestion - enabled me to play the file HydeLoveDM sent me ^___^

I saw the most excellent personalized license plate the other day:

big healing prayers out to
reeshya diluendo sedefendendo demonesque
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